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Contacting the Project

You can reach the Radio JOVE Project office by sending email to However, please review our help page for answers to the most common questions about participation in Radio JOVE.

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Radio JOVE Master Helpers List

Master Helpers are people who have experience building and operating their Radio JOVE antennas and receivers and with the project in general. They have offered to serve as mentors for other Radio JOVE participants. If you have any questions, please note that the general project address is:


Dick Flagg
Honolulu, Hawaii

Jim Sky
Hawaii (The Big Island) , HI


Wes Greenman
Gainesville, FL

Francisco Reyes
Gainesville, FL


Leonard Garcia
Greenbelt, MD

Jim Gass
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Jim Thieman
Greenbelt, MD


Jim Brown
Beaver, PA


Chuck Higgins
Murfreesboro, TN

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