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Help / How-to

  1. Overview
  2. How to Participate
  3. Building the Radio JOVE Kit
  4. Setting up the Radio Telescope
  5. Making Observations
  6. Radio JOVE Software
  7. Data Analysis and Data Archive
  8. Educational and Reference Materials
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Overview
    1. Radio JOVE Overview
    2. Slide Show Presentation
    3. Radio JOVE Brochure (PDF)
    4. What do Jupiter and the Sun sound like? Samples here. More from the University of Florida.
  2. How to Participate?
    1. How can my school join in?
    2. Using Radio JOVE in your school
    3. Applying to be part of Radio JOVE
    4. Ordering a kit
    5. Read RJ Project News Bulletins
    6. Unsubscribe from Radio JOVE Mailing List
  3. Building the Radio JOVE Kit
    1. Soldering Techniques
      1. Soldering Videos (MPEG): Solder 1 Solder 2 Solder 3 Solder 4 Solder 5 Solder 6
      2. Tips on Soldering the Radio JOVE Receiver Kit
    2. Building the Receiver
      1. Online Construction Manual
    3. Building the Antenna
      1. Online Construction Manual (for version RJ 1.2)
      2. Retrofit Antenna Assembly Manual
    4. Testing the Receiver and Antenna
      1. Troubleshooting the Receiver
      2. Testing the Recever + Antenna Together
  4. Setting up the Radio Telescope
    1. Choosing the right antenna setup
    2. Where should I set up?
    3. Do I have a good site?
    4. What are my setup options?
      Detailed observing instructions and setup configurations:
      1. Basic equipment
      2. One person observing
      3. Group observing
      4. Recording on tape (diagrams)
      5. Generating computer records (diagrams)
      6. Computer data record and audio WAV file
      7. Sharing data with other observers
    5. Diagrams for Typical Setups
  5. Making Observations
    1. When should I listen?
    2. Jupiter prediction tables
    3. Planning an Observation
      1. Making observations
      2. Observing Jupiter
      3. Observing the Sun
    4. Observing with a Radio JOVE telescope on the Internet
  6. Radio JOVE Software
    1. Radio Jupiter Pro - Jupiter prediction and observing software
      1. RJ Pro overview
      2. RJ Pro help pages
      3. Download the latest free edition
    2. Radio-Skypipe data collection, analysis, and data sharing software
      1. Skypipe overview
      2. Skypipe help pages
      3. Download latest free edition
    3. Radio Spectrograph - See how radio signals are distributed across a 10 MHz wide swath of radio spectrum
      1. Radio Spectrograph overview
      2. Download Radio Spectrograph
    4. Flux Density - Compute flux density and spectral power of Jovian and Solar bursts
      1. NICEro home page
      2. Flux Density calculator download page
    5. JOVEChart (old software no longer supported)
  7. Data Analysis and Data Archive
    1. Data analysis hands-on tutorial
    2. Radio JOVE Archive
    3. Data from sample observations
    4. Multiple observations for comparison
      1. Jupiter
      2. Sun
  8. Educational and Reference Materials
    1. Educational materials
    2. Short exercises on scientific notation, waves, and radio signals
    3. 7 complete lesson plans
    4. Library of publications and reference materials
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    1. General FAQ

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