Radio-Jupiter Software and the Jove Project

Your chances of successfully observing the radio emissions of Jupiter are greatly enhanced if you are aware of the best times to listen. Predicting the best times entails consideration of several factors, the three most important of which are:

There is software available to help you work through these considerations and make the most of your observing efforts. Radio-Jupiter Pro is a Windows based program which is more than up to the task.  Two versions of this software exists. A free version exists specifically for registered participants of the Jove Project, Radio-Jupiter Pro Jove Edition. This is an earlier version of the software and is not as full featured as the commercial version. There is also no formal technical support available for this free edition.

The inexpensive commercial version contains the following additional features:

To download a 30 day demo of Radio-Jupiter Pro 3 here. If you decide to purchase, the installation will be made permanent and all features fully functional.

Educational Aspects

In addition to helping you know when to listen for Jupiter, this program can help you to visualize the various factors involved in making observations. The Sky Map displays a starry background with an icon of Jupiter and./or the Sun correctly positioned in your sky complete with time marked tracks of their movements over time.  If you use standard Jove antenna configurations, you can see how these targets will interact with the 3 dB beam patterns of your antennas. The CML-Io Plane chart helps you visualize the complex interplay of these important factors in Jupiter emission probability. 

The numerous charts and views used by the program provide potentially great material for teachers who would like to introduce students to the graphical representation of scientific data. Several views include color as well as position in their interpretation.