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RJ returned for the 2000 Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers meeting at NRAO's Green Bank Observatory. Several student interns participated with the team.
140ft a_talk ab_gbt
NRAO's 140ft Dish Albie Davison speaking to attendees Albie Davison, Brian Schmidt, and GBT
at_vlbi bri_talk gbt_bkg
Albie Davison, Tom Narock, VLBI dish Brian Schmidt's talk Interferometer dish and GBT
gbt_feed gbt1 gbt2
Feed H/W for new GBT The GBT under construction The Green Bank Telescope
j_talk1 j_talk2 j_talk3
Jim Thieman speaking Thieman's talk Thieman speaking
jupmodel obs_1 obs_2
Len Garcia with model of emission cone RJ observing at SARA Showing off RJ setup
t_talk1 t_talk2 tb_dish
Tom Narock speaking to SARA Narock's talk Tom, Brian, and Dish
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