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page icon Radio Jove Science Briefs:

The Discovery of Jupiter's Radio Emissions
- How a chance discovery opened up the field of Jovian radio studies
The Galactic Background Radiation
- The ever-present sounds of our Galaxy
The Jovian Decametric Radio Emission
- How scientists learn about Jupiter by observing its radio emissions
Views From the Passenger Seat
- How to find your way around the sky and how to plan the best Jupiter observing times
page icon Comprehensive Texts:

  1. Listening to Jupiter by Richard Flagg, 2nd Edition - included on the Radio JOVE Reference CD (#RJC)

page icon Concise Overviews:

  1. The Discovery of Jupiter's Radio Emissions ..... [RJ Science Brief]
  2. The Jovian Decametric Emission ..... [U. of Florida]
  3. Observing the Jovian Decametric Emission ..... [U. of Florida]
  4. Waves in Space Plasmas ..... [U. of Iowa]
  5. Planetary Magnetospheres ..... [UCLA]
  6. Other Magnetospheres ..... [NASA GSFC]
  7. The Plasma State of Matter ..... [U. of Colorado]
  8. Plasma Waves Associated With the Bow Shock of Jupiter ..... [U. of Iowa]
  9. Space Weather ..... [U. of Colorado]
  10. The Galactic Background Radiation ..... [RJ Science Brief]
  11. The Magnetosphere ..... [NASA GSFC]
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