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Useful Software

We have found several computer programs to be useful to Radio Jove participants. We list the programs below with explanations of their functions. All of these programs run on Windows® based computers.

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Radio-SkyPipe [click here]
- This program from RadioSky Publishing is a powerful tool for amateur radio astronomy. Using Radio-SkyPipe you will be able to:
  • Collect data on your PC using your sound card or a simple analog to digital converter.
  • Store, retrieve, and edit stripchart files with header information secured within the file itself.
  • Share your real-time data with others over the internet even if you use a dial up connection.
  • Send to multiple recipients.
  • Send and receive data simultaneously or receive simultaneously from two different sources.
  • Use in Stand Alone mode for local use only.
  • A built in chat window allows you to communicate with others during observations.
  • Can be used for radio astronomy, seismology, weather, any scientific monitoring area.
* Note: A license for Radio-SkyPipe is included with the purchase of a Radio JOVE RJ1.1 assembled receiver or receiver kit.
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Radio Jupiter Pro*

Radio Jupiter Pro [click here]
- This is Radio-Sky Publishing's multi-function observing aid for Jupiter's decametric radio emissions. This program predicts most likely times for Jupiter radio storms, and displays Jupiter visibility information graphically. Predictions are customized to your location. See help page at for more information.
* Note: A license for Radio Jupiter Pro is included with the purchase of a Radio JOVE RJ1.1 assembled receiver or receiver kit.

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Radio Spectrograph

Radio Spectrograph [click here]
- This software allows you to view signals from special frequency-sweeping receivers at the Windward Community College Radio Observatory (WCCRO) and the University of Florida Radio Observatory (UFRO). These receivers, called spectrographs, allow you to see how radio signals are distributed across a 10 MHz wide swath of radio spectrum. The receivers were designed and built by Richard Flagg to be sensitive and fast enough to detect changes which occur in the radio emissions of the Sun and Jupiter. This software, produced by Radio-Sky Publishing , will run on most modern Windows based computers with an internet connection speed of 56K or more. There is no charge for use of the software for non-commercial users. You can download it from

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Flux Density

Flux Density Calculator [click here]
- Ruggero Ulivastro has developed a program to compute the flux density and spectral power of Jovian and Solar bursts. It is available for download for free from his web site at

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