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Radio Telescope Equipment Manuals

finished Rj 1.1 receiver
RJ 1.1 Receiver Kit
A simple direct conversion receiver for 20 MHz. This receiver is part of the Radio Jove radio telescope kit. It is designed to be easy to construct and align. Details are available in the construction manual.
schematic diagram of RJ 1.2 antenna array
RJ 1.2 2-Element Phased Dipole Antenna Array
NEW! Revised antenna instructions with emphasis on how to track Jupiter at lower elevations during the next few years. Also available: instructions on how to modify your RJ 1.1 antenna into the RJ 1.2 design.
schematic diagram of RJ single dipole antenna
RJ Single Dipole Antenna for the Sun
You can construct a single dipole, for observing the sun. It can be quickly setup at reduced expense and takes half the space of the dual dipole array (10 ft x 32 ft vs. 30ft x 45ft).
Thumbnail of RF-2080 calibrator
RF2080 C/F Calibrated Noise Source and Bandpass Filter
This prebuilt, calibrated noise source will allow you to determine how "radio quiet" your listening site is. When used with the calibration wizard in Radio SkyPipe 2 software it will allow you to measure the strength of Jovian and Solar radio bursts in terms of antenna temperature. The RF2080 C/F also includes a filter that will help reduce or eliminate strong daytime station interference to the Jove receiver.
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