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Receivers for Radio JOVE

The "standard" receiver for the Radio JOVE project is the RJ 1.1, described below. Some of the other receiver options are also listed here for your consideration.
RJ 1.1 Receiver Kit
A simple direct conversion receiver for 20 MHz. This receiver is part of the Radio Jove radio telescope kit. It is designed to be easy to construct and align. Details are available in the construction manual.
Click the page icon to get the RJ 1.1 construction manual (PDF).
Requests for the RJ 1.1 Receiver Kit
Icom R-75
photo of Icom R-75The Icom R-75 is an excellent commercial receiver that has been used by many Jove observers. The AGC can be turned off with a front panel switch on the R-75. This is not true for other modern Icom receivers such as the PCR1000. The dynamic range of the R-75 is best when the receiver is used in SSB mode.
Guru Receiver
photo of Guru Receiver Yogesh Karandikar has designed and built a 20 MHz receiver using components available in India. Details of his receiver design are available at
FAQ Technical Answers
Our main Frequently Asked Questions page includes answers to common questions about receivers for Radio JOVE use. See Technical Answers from the FAQ
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