About Radio JOVE

The Radio JOVE project is a hands-on inquiry-based educational project that allows students, teachers and the general public to learn about radio astronomy by building their own radio telescope from an inexpensive kit and/or using remote radio telescopes through the Internet. Participants also collaborate with each other through interactions and sharing of data on the network.

The Radio JOVE project began in 1999. Since then, more than 2500 teams of students and interested individuals have purchased our non-profit radio telescopekits and are learning radio astronomy by building and operating a radio telescope. This self-supporting program continues to thrive and inspire new groups of students as well as individuals.

Since 2016, the scope of the Radio JOVE project has been extended to incorporate citizen science research in heliophysics. By participating in the project, citizen scientists can (1) gain hands-on experience in building and operating single-frequency radio telescopes constructed from inexpensive kits, (2) make radio observations by operating their basic radio telescopes, and (3) analyze the data obtained by the telescopes they constructed or from remote telescopes through the Internet.

 The Radio JOVE Project is a joint effort of

  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
  • University of Florida Astronomy Department
  • U. Hawaii's Windward Community College
  • Kochi National College of Technology, Japan
  • Florida Space Grant Consortium
  • Tennessee Space Grant Consortium
  • Radio-Sky Publishing
  • RF Associates LLC
  • Teachers & Volunteers around the World!
UNAM prep school 2007 class UNAM prep school 2007 class