Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Basic Questions

B1. Why do we study Jupiter and Solar radio emissions?
B2. I have never heard Jupiter and the Sun - what do they sound like?
B3. How do I know that what I am hearing is Jupiter? The Sun?
B4. I've heard about Radio JOVE, how do I order a kit?
B5. Can I participate and order a kit if I am not associated with a school?
B6. What software is available as part of the JOVE program and where can I get it?
B7. Do you have background materials for teachers?
B8. If I run into a problem in putting the kit together, how do I get help?

Science Questions

S1. What frequencies do Jupiter and the Sun transmit on?
S2. When should I listen to Jupiter?
S3. OK, I have these Jupiter records, now what?
S4. What can I do with the Radio JOVE data as a science project?

Technical Questions

T1. Can I use a shortwave radio or a ham transceiver to listen to Jupiter and the Sun?
T2. I've built my receiver and antenna, now what do I do?
T3. I want to operate the JOVE receiver indoors - what kind of power supply can I use so I don't have to keep buying expensive batteries?
T4. Sometimes when I am using the JOVE receiver to monitor for the Sun I hear foreign-language radio station that I can't tune out - it's all over the dial. Is my radio broken?
T5. My Jove Receiver Doesn't Work - What Should I Do?