Radio Telescope – Software for Radio JOVE

There are a number of computer programs that can be useful for Radio Jove participants. We list a few selected programs below with explanations of their functions. Note: All of these programs run on computers and tablets running Windows™ OS.

Radio-Sky Spectrograph see - This software allows you to view and store signals from software-defined radios (SDRs) or from special frequency-sweeping receivers. These radios, or "spectrographs", allow you to see how radio signals are distributed across several MegaHertz (MHz) of radio spectrum. Using Radio-Sky Spectrograph you will be able to: Radio-Sky Spectrograph is free for non-commercial use.
Radio Jupiter Pro see - This is Radio-Sky Publishing's multi-function observing aid for Jupiter's decametric radio emissions. This program predicts most likely times for Jupiter radio storms, and displays Jupiter visibility information graphically. Predictions are customized to your location.

See help page at for more information.
Radio-SkyPipe II see - This program from RadioSky Publishing is a powerful tool for amateur radio astronomy. Using Radio-SkyPipe you will be able to:
visualized data