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Selected Radio JOVE documents and presentation materials are listed below



  1. 2020: Propagation Teepee: A High Frequency (HF) Radio Spectral Feature Identified by Citizen Scientists, HamSCI 2020, S. Fung. Presentation at a virtual workshop hosted by the University of Scranton, PA. (March 20, 2020).
  2. 2020: The Radio Universe and The Radio JOVE Project, C. A. Higgins. Physics Colloquium, Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN. (February 14, 2020). [PDF]
  3. 2019: The Radio Universe, C. A. Higgins. Presentation at StarFest 2019, Bays Mountain Planetarium, Kingsport, TN (October 17, 2019). [PDF]
  4. 2019: Radio JOVE Citizen Science, C. A. Higgins. Presentation at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, HAARP Ionosphere Research Facility. (August 7, 2019). [PDF]
  5. 2019: Radio JOVE Citizen Science,Higgins, C., S. Fung, J. Thieman, and L. Garcia. Presentation at Building the NASA Citizen Science Community, Tucson, AZ (June 21, 2019).
  6. 2004: Student Perspective on Building a Winning Science Fair Project, Katie Sloop, Tamke-Allen Observatory (Tennessee). [PDF]
  7. 2004: The Investigation of the Effects of Solar Flares on Decametric Frequencies, Tey Zhi Hao Joseph, et al., Catholic Junior College (Singapore). [PDF]
  8. 2002: Expanding the Spectrum of Student Astronomy Experience through an Interactive Multi-Frequency Radio Telescope, Jennifer White, Intern
  9. 2002: Data Analysis Tool, Amarilis Bueno, CUNY



Reports & Publications of the Radio JOVE Spectrograph Users Group

Observatory Reports

Reports from various observatories participating in Radio JOVE can be found in the Radio JOVE Bulletin.

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