Observers' Notes

Online Jupiter Predictions Are Back!

We have recently posted Jupiter radio storm predictions for selected time zones on our site. These predictions are courtesy of Jim Sky, Radio Sky Publishing.

See the prediction tables.

From the JOVE Bulletin

Video: Historic Maryland — Jupiter Radio Emissions

Recently, marker thumbnail a film crew created a short video on the story behind the Maryland Historic Marker which recognizes the location where the discovery of Jupiter's Radio Emissions took place in 1955.

Historical Note

20 Years of Radio JOVE:

The Radio JOVE Project turned 20 years-old in 2019! Here's remembering all those who have made the project go over the years, some who are, sadly, no longer with us. Thank you to all those who support and participate in Radio JOVE.

Observer Spotlight

Radio JOVE in Schools:
Voievodul Gelu High School in Romania

marker thumbnail Dr. Dumitru Pop sent us a brief report of the work of his students in building a Radio JOVE system at the Voievodul Gelu High School.

team constructing RJ 1.1 kit Radio JOVE students and amateur scientists from around the world observe and analyze natural radio emissions of Jupiter, the Sun, and our galaxy building their own radio telescope from an easy to build kit or using remote radio telescopes through the Internet.

See the JOVE Bulletin to learn what's happening at Radio JOVE.